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Clean-Up Guide

Thank you for joining us to help protect Jersey's beautiful environment.


As litter can have such devastating consequences for our land and oceans, we are asking people to look for the following items during this morning’s clean-up event:



Plastic bags

Picnic items/food containers and wrappers


Disposable masks 

Fishing nets

Cigarette butts 


Why now?


According to Ocean Conservancy’s TIDES Database, about 60% of beach litter worldwide is plastic.


And plastic will not go away.


Plastic in the ocean gets broken into bits all the time, and these bits become tinier all the time. 


Recently, a dead sperm whale that washed ashore in a national park in Indonesia set off a flurry of news articles because of the gory cause of its death. Some 13 pounds of plastic, including 115 cups, 25 bags, four bottles and a pair of flip flops, were found inside its body. That’s around 1,000 pieces of plastic, which were carelessly thrown away, and which, ultimately, probably led to this animal’s death.


It is a critical time in our journey to a greener future. Today you are taking a step to reduce pollution and protect our local biodiversity and animal population. 




Gloves, rubbish bags and/or grabbers will be available from your JEP representative.


Please ensure you take safety precautions when handling sharps, and wear the gloves provided. Sharps are to be delivered to the allocated sharps box at the welcome table.  


Please bring your bags back to the meeting point, where they will be collected at the end of the event for disposal.


All dogs must be kept on a lead during the event, as per Government of
Jersey regulations.


While we would love a sunny day, we know that anything could happen. Pease make sure you are appropriately dressed for the weather, keep hydrated and wear sun protection.


Although it is due to be low tide at the time of the event, please take extra caution around the shoreline, rocks and slippery areas.


Should any accident, incident or emergency occur, please dial 999.

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